Lou Nanni, InfoComm Director of Certification, Announces Retirement

InfoComm’s Director of Certification, Lou Nanni, will retire at the end of April after more than a decade with the organization.

A personal reflection of Lou from Gary Kayye: “I have never been to Lou’s house, but I will bet you that his garage is the most organized garage you’ve ever seen – including every tool with its place; labeled.  I was the Vice-Chair of the InfoComm PETC committee when Lou came aboard InfoComm (then known as ICIA) and I remember thinking, to myself, how this former military and obviously extremely organized guy would HATE this unorganized industry and, more specifically, the incredible amount of random thinking that come from our committee.  I was wrong.  In fact, he sort of whipped us in shape and forced us to think more logically and have method to our madness.  Lou was a pain in the butt but I will bet he will tell you the same thing about those of us on the PETC at the time, including me.  Congratulations Lou and have a giant German pretzel on me.”  — Gary Kayye

Nanni came to InfoComm in December 1996 after 24-year career in the United States Coast Guard. “Lou’s military background and organizational talents helped launch InfoComm’s Certified Technology Specialist Program,” said Randal A. Lemke, Ph.D., Executive Director, InfoComm International. “Lou was the first person I hired at InfoComm and under his leadership we have gone from 50 CTS holders to over 6,000. He will be missed by all at the association and in the industry.”

“Lou’s contributions during his 10 years at InfoComm have been critical to the great success of the certification program as it moves to its next phase with ANSI-ISO 17024 accreditation,” said Melissa Taggart, InfoComm Senior Vice President of Education, Certification and Standards. “Industry volunteers often cite his integrity and commitment to fairness in testing as Lou’s greatest strengths. We will also miss his enthusiasm for introducing new workers into the industry and his zest for life.”

Lou and his wife Eva are moving to Florida, which will act as their home base as they travel the world together. “It is a great feeling to leave the certification program in great shape, and be able to travel, surf fish and attend German festivals,” said Nanni. “We are ready for the next adventure.”