Logitech’s Revue Gets Android 3.1 (Honeycomb) update, and its sweet!

To all the people that bought the Logitech Revue when I said to because of its price drop a while back; you can expect to be getting a sweet update to Android 3.1 (Honeycomb)! If you haven’t already (but, you should because it’s a streaming media set-top box that requires it), connect your Revue to the tubes and hopefully by this time the update is live to you. When prompted, you’re going to want to accept the permissions that pop up and just wait for awesome-ness to change your stream.

Finally, you will have access to the Android market, better search and browsing, and minor improvements to the Logitech media player from your TV. Now, with access to the market, you are able to get cool services like some of my personal favorites, Google Music (non Beta), Pandora , and Netflix or Qwikster, or whatever they call themselves these days .

When this update does finally launch, you can expect 50 apps geared towards HDTV’s so you don’t get bored with the arsenal of apps that are just for fun.  Unfortunately, Logitech has openly admitted to it’s Revue as a failure, and has decided to end project Revue. Google TV will live on through other devices and I’m pretty sure there is a physical TV of the clan Google in the works. Only time will tell, and right now, as it stands most broadcasting studios are blocking the search giant from access to their content, and that makes me sad. I really like the idea of a keyboard for a “Web TV”.

Basically, the new update allows better functionality to your viewing process and adds a few new goodies to enhance your overall experience.  And now, “with Logitech’s media player software on your Revue, you can unlock your computer’s library of music, movies and photos to enjoy on your HDTV”.

Here’s a little fun fact: If you get or already have the optional Logitech TV cam , you can do some video conferencing and maybe soon (in the future) we can expect some “ Code Space ” integration for real time collaboration from across the world!!??!!