Logitech’s Project Ghost Will Be at InfoComm 2023!! I CANNOT WAIT, Screamed Gary!

I am sooooo excited. I found out today that Logitech will bring the coolest thing I’ve seen in UCC to InfoComm 2023 — Project Ghost. What the heck is Project Ghost? Well, it’s a fully formed, turnkey telepresence system for small meetings, and it WORKS! The best way to describe it is for you to simply look at this picture:

You know those booths you see all over co-working spaces for huddle meetings? Well, imagine if the back wall – behind where you sit, has a display rather than cork board or message board. That’s Project Ghost. The booths look like the one, below:

Logitech unveils booths for more immersive video calls (1)

So, basically, a couple of people hop into a huddle space and instead of staring at a 55’, 65” or even an 84” monitor, you’re staring at a telepresence-delivered person that seems to be sitting right across from you in nearly three dimensions. Let’s call it 2.5 dimensional. And it keeps getting better and better with the more iterations I see. The latest is a collaboration between Logitech and Steelcase.

logitech steelcase prototype

Early versions looked like the one below. Eh — kind of a cross between the aesthetic of Star Wars Episode II and Star Trek — never a good combination. But it did work:

i 2 Ghost version 4

Good, not great. But now, we’re seeing great — including the aesthetic. The key was adding Steelcase to the project and leaning on its expertise in space design along with form + function. This will finally head the AV market into selling furniture, a win-win for everyone. Something I will be talking about in my InfoComm 2023 education session: “The Future of Workspaces Is All About Experiences.” (By the way, please register for this as you will leave making more money and building better spaces for your clients!)

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And, in the case of Project Ghost, Aesthetic + Tech = a killer UCC solutions package. So, here’s the final product!!! Thank you Steelcase + Logitech …

Logitech's Project Ghost booth makes video calls suck much less The Verge