Logitech Sight Gets Microsoft Teams Certification

logitech msteams

Logitech announced that Logitech Sight, the AI-powered camera with intelligent multi-participant framing, is the first intelligent camera to be certified by Microsoft Teams as a center-of-table camera that works in tandem with the front-of-room video bars and is the first panoramic camera to be certified for use with Zoom Rooms.

The company says Sight’s use of both audio and voice-based AI–RightSight and RightSound–to detect and frame multiple active speakers around the room, then replace framed individuals as the conversation shifts, is designed to create a more equitable experience for remote participants when meeting with their in-office colleagues in hybrid work settings.

Logitech says tabletop cameras that work with front-of-room cameras are newer to the industry. Sight makes it easy to use hybrid-friendly meeting layout features like Microsoft Teams dynamic view and, in the future, Zoom Smart Gallery.

Management is via Logitech Sync, free software that enables device monitoring, updating and troubleshooting from a cloud-based interface. Logitech Sight is backward compatible with Rally Bar and Rally Bar Mini, so IT teams can deploy this new technology with their existing video bars.

Logitech Sight is available globally at $1,999.