If you’re a Sony Blu-ray user, you know exactly what my title is referring to.

What the heck?

Hey, you, Sony, I’m talking to you.  I’m wondering what’s going on with my Blu-ray player.  You invented it, it has your badge on the front of it – so I know you know what I am talking about.

And, YES, I have done all the so-called firmware updates.  But, still, sometimes (not all the time – but often enough that it pisses me off) I still can’t watch a movie.  LITERALLY!   Seriously, the …LOADING…..LOADING…..LOADING……LOADING… Will come up and stay up forever – or until I turn off the power button.  It’s like the Blu-ray player is locked up!

Want proof?  Rent the movie “The Soloist”.  It flat-out WILL NOT work on my Sony Blu-ray player – either one of them, in fact.  It does, however, work on my Sharp Blu-ray player.

What’s the deal?

I’ve called Sony, they tell me it’s a known “issue” but they don’t have a solution.  A good friend of mine in the industry once told me that he’s got a solution for all the Blu-ray issues out there – Sony’s PlayStation 3.  Apparently, according to Joe Kane, the PS3 is the best Blu-ray player on the market – and one of the cheapest!

I’m cool with that.  And, I believe Joe as he’s a video expert and if he says it’s the best out there, it must be the best.  But, what about these two $800 Blu-ray players I have now?  Sony once listed one of the models as their “flagship” Blu-ray player.  Geez, if this is how their flagship player operates, what about all those “regular” players?

This is one reason I believe that, ultimately, streaming content is way better than physical media.

How many times have you rented a DVD only to find out – sometimes half way through – that something’s wrong with it because the movie freezes?  I’m not sure which is worse – never getting it to start of freezing up in the beginning?!?

Either way, it’s a downer when you sit down, finally with those few free hours over the weekend, and you pop in the disc and see…LOADING…..LOADING…..LOADING……LOADING