Listen Technologies Releases New Listen EVERYWHERE 2-Channel Wi-Fi Audio Server

Listen EVERYWHERE two channel serverListen Technologies released the new LW-150P-02-D Listen EVERYWHERE two-channel server with a Dante input on the rear panel. The company says this enables easy routing and management of Listen EVERYWHERE audio on a network via Dante Controller.

Listen EVERYWHERE is Listen Technologies’ audio over Wi-Fi solution that streams to personal smart devices or the LWR-1020 receiver. The smart devices function as receivers for the assistive listening system. In venues offering Listen EVERYWHERE, guests can listen to the audio from their smartphones using headphones or earbuds. They also can stream sound directly to Bluetooth-enabled headphones or hearing aids.

The new server is also available in a bundled ADA-compliant assistive listening system SKU (LWS-10-D) that includes the Dante-enabled two-channel server, rack mount kit, two LWR-1020 receivers, two protective cases for the receivers, two neck loops, two ear speakers and a signage kit. The Listen EVERYWHERE server with onboard Dante is compatible with all Dante-enabled products. The two-channel server is also available without Dante. Both servers offer the lowest latency in the industry and are easy for venues to install on their existing wireless networks.

Listen EVERYWHERE works on either an existing or a separate wireless network. The Listen EVERYWHERE server sets up easily and broadcasts any audio across the network over Wi-Fi to smart devices. Venue operators can customize the Listen EVERYWHERE app with welcome videos/ads, brand colors, sliding banners, and logos.

To access Listen EVERYWHERE for assistive listening, guests download the free Listen EVERYWHERE app on their smartphone, select their preferred venue audio channel and hear clear audio in their headphones via their devices.

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The LW-150P-02-D server with Dante onboard is available in the U.S.A., Canada, Europe and Australia. The LWS-10-D Dante-enabled system with LWR-1020 receivers is available only in the U.S.A.