Listen Technologies Launches TalkPerfect DX Speech Enhancement System

listentech-talkperfect-0515Listen Technologies launched the TalkPerfect DX Speech Enhancement System — the newest member of their ListenLoop line of products powered by Ampetronic. At train stations, movie theaters, customer return kiosks, security reception desks, banks/post offices, police stations, prison visitor desks, or in other noisy environments where customers are separated from staff members by a fixed screen for security or logistical reasons, it can be difficult for both parties to hear during transactions.

The full-duplex TalkPerfect system amplifies speech for both customer and staff in these environments while minimizing background noise and actively reducing acoustic feedback. The TalkPerfect DX Speech Enhancement System improves communication and also effectively increases the speed of transactions and boosts efficiency. Additionally, the system easily integrates with assistive listening counter hearing loops.

listentech-talkperfect2-0515The system’s full duplex communication allows natural conversation, and the noise canceling microphones offer high rejection to background noise. Both channels feature independent volume controls, providing clear listening for both users. The TalkPerfect DX amplifier is typically installed below the counter in conjunction with a CLD1 induction loop, providing a fully integrated intercom and control module, with a host of features for integration and versatile use.

With four installation configurations, the system comprises a number of components and accessories, including:

  • Combi Unit 400mm Gooseneck & LED (TP-CMB400LED)
  • POD Loudspeaker (TP-PDS)
  • Glass Mount Microphone (TP-GMM)
  • PZM Microphone (TP-PZM)
  • POD Microphone (TP-PDM)
  • Four different installation kit options

Here are all details.