Listen Technologies Introduces ListenWiFi — TV Audio in the Palm of Your Hand

listenwifiappscreen_vasa_513-0316Listen Technologies is now shipping its new line of ListenWiFi products. ListenWiFi allows venues such as fitness clubs and others with multi-screen deployments offer a personal listening experience by streaming audio content from multiple TV or audio sources directly to their customers’ smartphones via the Personal Listening Wi-Fi network.

ListenWiFi delivers unprecedented audio quality, manageability and flexibility. Customers download the app, connect to the ListenWiFi network and tune into the channel displayed on the TV, with no disruption to their workout when changing machines at the gym. They can also easily manage audio channels and the app contents via the cloud.

Software for the server and app is updated automatically with no monthly fees, so venues know they can always connect to the widest variety of mobile devices and have the latest features. The flexible system can be configured with anywhere from four to 24 channels without having to replace the server. The server is compact and quiet, allowing venues to place it in a wide variety of locations. This standalone system utilizes its own Wireless Access Point to easily and reliably create a network for distributing quality audio.

ListenWiFi offers numerous benefits: fitness clubs can eliminate the costly, easily damaged audio headphone jacks on their cardio machines, and other public venues can offer their patrons easy access to the TV audio content they choose. The system uses its own Wireless Access Point for Wi-Fi broadcast of the Wi-Fi Personal Listening network. ISP connectivity provides internet access for customers connected to the Wi-Fi Personal Listening network and delivers software upgrades. Best of all, ListenWiFi is easy to install and maintain, and it comes with excellent support — and it gives users complete flexibility to stream virtually any audio source they choose, with no monthly service fees.

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Here are all the specs.