Listen Technologies Corporation to Launch GPS-Triggered Commentary System, ‘NAVILUTION’

listenListen Technologies Corporation is partnering with a number of ProAV integrators and representative firms to bring the Listen NAVILUTION product suite to tour and transportation companies. Listen NAVILUTION is a GPS-triggered commentary system that delivers prerecorded audio stories and information.

As people return to travel for work and leisure, Listen NAVILUTION helps tour and transportation providers differentiate themselves and deliver engaging and useful content for passengers.

“Listen Technologies’ channel partners are committed to finding solutions to meet the unique communication needs of their customers and end users and in delivering a superior audio experience across applications,” said Jonathan Stanley, chief experience officer, Listen Technologies. “The Listen NAVILUTION suite of solutions will enhance and differentiate our channel partners’ portfolio of offerings and help them enter new markets.”

Listen NAVILUTION uses GPS technology to trigger prerecorded audio to play as the vehicle or vessel travels through the trigger zone without requiring internet connectivity while en route. The software lets operators plan routes and set the trigger zones for a customized experience. The audio content can be as simple as an instructional message or as extensive as professionally produced cinematic experiences. Operators can choose to deliver the audio in one language or offer multiple languages to include non-native speakers in their experience. Passengers can hear the content in one of three ways:

  • Listen NAVILUTION Seatback +: Passengers listen through a headset plugged into a hardwired seatback controller.
  • Listen NAVILUTION PA Delivery: Audio is GPS-triggered and played over the vehicle’s public address system. Passengers hear it through the vehicle’s speakers.
  • Listen NAVILUTION BYOD +: Audio is streamed to passengers’ personal iOS and Android devices.