Listen Technologies Announces Listen EVERYWHERE: a Private Channels Feature

ListenListen Technologies has announced a private channels feature in Listen EVERYWHERE. The new feature is part of a firmware upgrade to Listen EVERYWHERE, the wireless system that streams audio and customized content directly to smartphones and smart devices. Listen EVERYWHERE private channels provide a convenient way for venues to create confidential, password-protected audio channels on their networks.

Listen EVERYWHERE private channels are ideal in courtrooms, boardrooms and conference rooms where confidentiality may be necessary. In academic environments, administrators can create a private audio channel for closed classes or study groups. Venues can also use the private channels feature to offer members and guests access to premium content. For example, they could offer VIP ticket holders at drive-in sporting or theater events exclusive access to behind-the-scenes commentary.

The new feature is easy and intuitive for venues and businesses to manage. Venue administrators, professors or IT personnel can select any or all channels on their networks to mark private, and generate passwords directly from their smartphones through the new administrator section of the mobile app. Passwords can be communicated to the intended recipients in any manner that meets a venue’s security protocol and needs (e.g., email, text, website, signage in the room, etc.). When listeners want to stream a channel that is designated as private, they are prompted for a password and must enter the correct password to hear the audio on their own iOS and Android devices.

Listen EVERYWHERE launched in 2017 and is a solution for delivering streaming audio via Wi-Fi. Venue audio from speakers, TVs or other audio sources streams directly to users’ iOS and Android devices through a free customizable app. Users can listen to audio from their devices with headphones or earbuds. If they have Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids, they can connect the sound from their device directly to their hearing aids.

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Additional features of Listen EVERYWHERE include a new app administrator section on the mobile app that allows for easy password management by venue managers and administrators. This is compatible with iOS and Android devices. The private channels feature also is flexible so administrators can setup channels as public, private or any combination.