Linear Acoustic Debuts AERO.10 DTV Audio Processor

linearacoustic-aero10-0715Linear Acoustic is launching its AERO.10 DTV Audio Processor at IBC  2015 this week, claiming that it’s the highest quality processing found in the entire AERO range but at a significantly lower price point.

AERO.10 is an audio processor supporting up to ten channels of PCM audio via AES, SDI or stereo analog I/O. The AERO.10 comes equipped with a processing engine identical to those in the established AERO.100/1000/2000 products. Tools such as AEROMAX loudness and dynamics control, UPMAX II automatic upmixing and downmixing algorithms, along with ITU and EBU compliant loudness metering and logging.

Downloadable 7.5 day rolling and event-based logs include multiple ITU-R BS.1770-3 loudness measurements as well as True Peak values. The included TCP/IP remote application provides control and display of all AERO.10 system settings and processing parameters plus extensive metering of loudness from a PC located anywhere with a network connection. The remote also delivers up to 5.1 channels of audio, enabling users to audition signal quality anywhere link bandwidth permits. An HTTP server is included for simple get/set control of all parameters and retrieval of status and logging information. The AERO.10 has a simple LCD front panel GUI for local control, and a powerful headphone output is included for checking audio and adjusting processing. New with AERO.10 are +4dBu balanced stereo analog inputs and outputs, useful for analog plants or bridging between analog and digital paths. The lightweight and rugged AERO.10 fits in 1RU.

Here are all the details.