Lightware Visual Engineering Adds New Global Training Facility in Las Vegas

lightware visual engineering global training facility

Lightware Visual Engineering announces a new global training facility, the Lightware Discovery Center, in Las Vegas, Nevada. Lightware Discovery Center will offer comprehensive training and education sessions for AV professionals.

The Lightware Discovery Center features a dedicated training room fully equipped with the company’s latest signal management products, including the Taurus UCX universal switcher, a connectivity powerhouse designed to utilize USB-C technology to simplify collaborations in any meeting room environment. The venue is designed to supplement Lightware’s extensive online efforts by providing an in-person venue for training and education. The state-of-the-art facility offers the opportunity for AV professionals to experiment and interact with a variety of Lightware devices, understand the simplicity and flexibility of integrating a Lightware system, and experience Lightware’s high-performance device features.

“At the Lightware Discovery Center, we aim to create relationships,” said Jason Tirado, president of Lightware Visual Engineering. “We look forward to welcoming customers, consultants and integrators so we can demonstrate our confidence in Lightware’s inventions. We believe information is valuable and should be shared openly. Our Open API, diagnostics and analytics are part of our values. When you discover more about Lightware equipment, you find out who we are.”

Tirado added, “Visitors and students will learn about Lightware’s technologies and developments and have the opportunity to put their knowledge into action. During the second part of the two-day sessions, they will use Lightware’s equipment to get hands-on experience with our devices.”

Lightware’s history in live events, rental and staging markets created a natural fit for a Las Vegas-based experience center. The Lightware Discovery Center will become a hub for building strong, personal relationships with AV professionals and host Lightware’s partners and customers for memorable experiences. Located at the Wynn Las Vegas, the Lightware Discovery Center is scheduled to open in June 2022. To schedule a visit to the Lightware Discovery Center, please contact