Lightware Launches UBEX

Lightware’s latest is UBEX (Ultra Bandwidth Extender), an AV-over-IP extender that’s capable of sending 4K UHD@60Hz 4:4:4 (12-bit color) signal extension with the use of packet-based transmission. The video signals are handled fully uncompressed and transmitted (or receive – keep reading) over 20 Gbps or using minimal, visually lossless compression. UBEX can extend two full 4K signals simultaneously over two 10 Gbps fibers.

Standard, certificated 10 Gbps SFP+ optical modules are installed in the device, which are plug and play so they are interchangeable by the user. There could be either duplex multi-mode/single-mode modules (one fiber for each direction per 10 Gbps link) or bi-directional single-mode modules (one fiber for both directions per 10 Gbps link). The number of I/O ports in a UBEX based virtual matrix only depends on the size of the standard Ethernet switch used in the network. 

The unit is designed to work as transmitter, receiver or transceiver and the change between these modes can be implemented by a firmware update. In transceiver mode, the device can transmit and receive 4K signals simultaneously. Ubex supports operating in daisy chain mode, making it especially suitable for large digital signage projects.

Ubex is capable of working in a strictly unidirectional system with low and high security levels as a data diode, assuring that every kind of data traffic is restricted to flow exclusively in one direction, from the ‘low’ side towards the ‘high’ side and never reversed. 

The maximum reachable extension distance with multi-mode modules (OM4) is 400 miles, with short range single-mode modules it is 10 kilometers, or with long range single-mode modules it can reach as far as 80 kilometers. The number of necessary fibers depends on the link speed and the optical module: for 10 Gbps one or two fibers, for 20 Gbps two or four fibers, for 40 Gbps four or eight fibers are needed. 

UBEX can work both in a traditional point-to-point application structure and can also operate as a virtual matrix network by using of a standard Ethernet switch as a virtual crosspoint. Here are all the specs.

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