Lighthouse Launches Rollable Indoor and Outdoor LED

PhotoDisplay 0811

PhotoDisplay-0811LED screen manufacturer Lighthouse Technologies has announced the launch of VideoBlades 12, a large-scale LED display technology that straddles the worlds of video and lighting in the entertainment, events and architectural markets in a pretty cool way.

VideoBlades 12 are the result of an alliance between Lighthouse and Pix2o, providing a 12.5mm pixel pitch, modular LED screen that is both for indoor and outdoor applications, with a literal twist.

VideoBlades 12 comes in two formats, SkyRoll and GroundRoll that can be deployed by rolling up or down from its patented rotating structure, just like a window shade. The modular format allows for the seamless formation of large-scale screens limited in size only by a customer’s needs. SkyRoll deploys down from overhead and is available in 4-meter, 6-meter and 8-meter widths and up to 10-meter screen heights, while GroundRoll, as the name suggests, deploys up from the floor resulting in the lowest possible rigged weight and is available in infinitely seam able sections 2 meters to 3 meters wide, up to 10 meters high.

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