Lighthouse Intros Direct View LEDs with HDR and Expands Quantum q-Series and Dynamic Series

Lighthouse Technologies Limited used InfoComm to add HDR to the Quantum q-Series and Dynamic Series LEDs in addition to improving the Quantum q-Series to include proprietary Peak Luminance Enhancement (PLE) technology for what the company says is higher contrast levels and increased luminance.

Available in 1.5mm, 1.8mm, or 2.5mm pixel pitch, the q-Series includes Chromatic Modulation Technology (CMT) features an integrated photosensor mounted inside each panel, continuously measuring the output for each LED module. The CMT nerve center automatically corrects for luminance and uniformity, addressing issues that other technologies ignore as they age or when they are swapped out for repair or maintenance. Lighthouse Quantum q-Series direct-view LED panels virtually eliminates these problems.

The Lighthouse LEAP-S processor and proprietary processing algorithm convert 8-bit video source materials to 10-bit HDR output, providing a new level of versatility and taking advantage of HDR performance for existing source material.

Lighthouse says that Peak Luminance Enhancement (PLE) technology increases peak luminance and enables higher contrast ratios and a wider color space through proprietary HDR technology. High Dynamic Range (HDR) is a content and display standard that provides performance guidelines for manufacturers to follow. Lighthouse differentiates itself with the introduction of their proprietary Peak Luminance Enhancement (PLE) to enhance the HDR experience.

Within the q-Series displays, the LEAP-S processor system can sense the incoming video source and analyze it to locate bright areas in the image (within 3-7 pixels) that surround areas that are a lower level of brightness. The PLE technology then adapts the gamut curve for those bright areas, to enhance their luminance approximately 20 percent. This provides a noticeably higher level of contrast.

Here are specs on both of them.