Lightform Debuts Augmented Reality-Based Projection Mapping System

Lightform is a design tool for projecting augmented reality (and image mapping) that works with ANY projector brand.  If you’re one of the more than 7,000 people who have watched or attended one of rAVe’s founder Gary Kayye, 4K keynotes, you may remember him showing you his vision for the future of meeting rooms and classrooms — immersive environments. He used a video from the prototype of Lightform. Well, this is the real thing.

Lightform allows users to augment real life with projected digital designs, information, and magical effects. Unlike the current forms of AR and VR, projected AR can be seen with the naked eye, no need for a headset or phone.

With projected AR, users can transform everyday scenes into immersive experiences, an outdoor equipment retail display can come alive with projected fire, rain, and product information, a photo booth can become an underwater world. Expect to see projected AR menus, murals, and psychedelic artwork popping up in cafes, offices and public spaces nationwide. Watch this video to understand what we’re talking about:

Projected AR (also known as projection mapping or video mapping) used to be a tedious, complicated endeavor. Lightform vastly simplifies the process with a streamlined, end-to-end design system consisting of two parts, the LF1, a tiny computer and scanning device, and the Lightform Creator design software.

The LF1 mounts to almost any projector, scans a scene, and wirelessly sends the scan data to Lightform Creator. Within Lightform Creator, users can quickly design epic visuals using Lightform Creator’s suite of smart mapping tools, instant effects, and stock videos. Once the user is done creating their experience, LF1 plays the project back wirelessly. The LF1 is $699.

Lightform is here.