LifeSize Launches Infrastructure Product Line for Enterprise HD Conferencing

LifeSize announced a new suite of enterprise-class video network infrastructure products designed to provide network interoperability, and reliable and high quality video and multimedia across distributed organizations. The new products are LifeSize Gateway, LifeSize Gatekeeper and LifeSize Multipoint.

LifeSize says the Gateway delivers seamless connections between IP and ISDN video systems so users can use existing network infrastructures for conferencing. LifeSize Gateway is available for either serial or PRI interfaces; is interoperable with standards-compliant gatekeepers, terminals and MCUs; and is scalable for centralized or distributed environments. List Price: $24,999 USD for Serial; $29,999 USD for PRI.

LifeSize Gatekeeper is a standards compliant H.323 gatekeeper that provides network management of IP telephony and video. LifeSize Gatekeeper has a Web-based interface for optimal accessibility; URL addressing and multiple sub-zones for bandwidth control and traffic optimization; and real time event status. List Price: $12,999 USD.

LifeSize Multipoint is a high definition Multipoint Control Unit (MCU) designed to support multi-site conferencing for up to 24 simultaneous locations with 720p video quality and high fidelity audio. List Price: $29,999 USD for 12 ports, $49,999 USD for 24 ports.

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