LifeSize Brings VTC Compatibility to iPad, iPhone and the Cloud

LifeSize logo 0811

LifeSize_logo-0811Everyone wants videoconferencing products to integrate desktop applications like Skype, iChat and GoogleTalk into high-end VTC systems – especially HD ones. This would allow everyone to be able to jump on a VTC network anywhere at any time – even if you don’t have a high-end VTC system.

Well, those days are coming and in the meantime, companies like Cisco, Polycom and now Logitech with LifeSize are offering a patch-like solution by making their networks available via mobile devices like iPads and mobile phones via the Cloud.

Dubbed LifeSize Connections, it’s an HD video collaboration platform that uses the cloud to connect compatible VTC’s available to devices (phones, laptops and iPads) via a $1000 box.

OK, so how? Well, first of all, they bought Mirial, so they’ve integrated their mobile connectivity technology into the LifeSize Cloud. Watch this video:

Or, download this PDF brochure on LifeSize Connections: