LG’s New Smart TVs to Debut Next Week

LG-ces-1212Entering next week’s CES, Korean-based LG hopes to steal some of Samsung’s thunder with its own set of Smart TVs with two new TV series – the 47″ and 55″ GA-7900 series (the company’s new flagship line) and the 42″, 47″, 50″, 55″ and 60″ GA6400 series. Both sets will include Smart TV apps such as Netflix, HBO Go, YouTube and Internet browsing through GoogleTV. The flagship GA-7900 series is also rumored to have a new scaling technology that looks to rival that of the best HDTVs out there — those made my Sharp Electronics.

All the TVs are going to be native 1080p and are integrated with Ethernet and Wi-Fi.

The full specs aren’t available yet, but should be after CES.