LG to Introduce Sonos-Esque Wireless Audio System

lg-np8740-press-1214At CES next month, LG will introduce a new wireless audio system (the NP8740) that runs on mesh network technology, which uses dual band Wi-Fi (2.5/5GHz). The speakers can be set up in any combination of rooms, connecting an entire house or a single room. The network makes it possible for users to play a song to every zone (Party Mode) or a different song to each zone (Personal Mode), similar to the Sonos Play 1.

LG says the NP8740 will be able to connect to other audio systems and can be controlled with a smart phone app, with the interface allowing audio to be streamed from online sources.

The speakers offer a dual-tweeter arrangement and 24 bit/192kHz audio quality.

The system isn’t on LG’s website yet since it hasn’t been officially introduced, but LG’s main site is here.