LG Expands WebOS SmartTV Platform to Add Digital Signage

lg-webos-0315The commercial version of LG Electronics’ popular webOS smart TV platform is expanding into digital signage displays. Optimized for commercial applications, LG’s “webOS for Signage” is an all-in-one hardware and software platform.

For 2015, LG’s Smart Platform Signage solution running webOS allows system integrators to download useful content and develop customized applications that fit their exact needs.  With webOS, LG’s Smart Platform Signage can be updated immediately via a smartphone or tablet. Wi-Fi connectivity eliminates the need for a wired connection or costly network infrastructure.

LG has engaged in new software partnerships to further develop these capabilities and bring cloud-based digital signage to LG digital displays featuring the webOS platform. Examples include partnerships with such leading companies as Signagelive and Ping HD, which have announced customized applications:

  • Signagelive’s low-cost, fully-supported cloud solution that runs on LG’s flexible webOS for signage platform eliminates the need for external media players to run and manage digital signage campaigns.
  • Ping HD has launched EngagePHDTM, an easy-to-use, Web-based design, content management and network monitoring application with support for LG’s webOS commercial displays.

Here are all the details.