LG Officially Adds Wallpaper Displays to Digital Signage Lineup — Stuns Everyone Looking At It

LG Electronics USA Business Solutions has finally debuted the new lightweight LG OLED “Wallpaper” commercial display as well as new customizable open-frame LG OLED displays at the 2017 Digital Signage Expo (DSE). The Wallpaper isn’t totally new. In fact, we were the first publication to see the commercial version of it when it debuted in Australia last summer — here’s the video we shot there.

The LG OLED Wallpaper technology has literally created a new category of displays as it’s so thin. And, as you no doubt know, OLED technology has a unique ability to turn each pixel on or completely off, thus, black is black — and since white is the opposite of black in displays (and all color is made from everything between black and white), colorimetry is incredible.

So far, it’s the talk of the DSE — nearly everyone is talking about it.

This version of the LG OLED Wallpaper is specifically for commercial display applications and it’s in a 55-inch form-factor that weighs less than 13 pounds and has depth that is just 3.65 millimeters (0.14 inches). Yes, you read that right — barely more than 1/10th of an inch.

The Wallpaper display can be mounted either vertically or horizontally for a customizable display design. Ultra-slim mounting brackets with a magnetic mat create a truly seamless design that becomes one with the wall. Electronic components are housed in a separate control box connected to the display with a 2-meter (6-1/2-foot) cable.

The LG OLED Wallpaper commercial display is native HD (1920×1080) has 64 GB of internal memory, content mirroring capabilities, content scheduling and Wi-Fi connectivity. Future versions will include larger sizes (likely up to 80″) as well as 4K (3840×2160) resolution displays.

Also on display in the United States for the first time at DSE 2017 is the “In-Glass Wallpaper” LG OLED digital signage display. Designed with dual-sided ultra-slim OLED panels in a glass pane, the In-Glass Wallpaper LG OLED display is perfect for boutiques, art galleries and other businesses that want to add a sophisticated touch to their interior décor. The In-Glass Wallpaper LG OLED solution will be available in standing and hanging versions to provide businesses flexible options.

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Here are the technical details.