LG Now Offering Hotels a Free “Clean Remote” With Every LG Hotel TV

clean remote

Addressing American travelers’ health concerns and confidence, LG Business Solutions USA is offering hotel operators a free “Clean Remote” with every new LG hotel TV. The particular remote control is designed to be safer thanks to a non-porous, sealed membrane surface that can reduce bacteria and germs by as much as 99 percent compared to traditional remotes, according to Clean Remote LLC.

While the CDC recommends that hotels clean and disinfect remote controls daily, standard remotes have gaps and crevices around the buttons that can harbor dirt and germs. The Clean Remote connects with all LG Hotel TV models, with no additional setup required. Each remote is specifically designed with a simple layout and large, high-visibility keys. Its spill-proof design prevents liquid damage, while its “not-for-home-use” designation discourages theft, and its hidden battery cover prevents battery loss.

Offering the Clean Remote is part of LG Business Solutions USA’s new Health Protocol initiative — a suite of products and packages designed to provide commercial businesses with tools to help keep employees and guests safe.