LG Releases Medical-Grade Diagnostic Monitor Optimized for 3D Mammography

lg medical grade monitor

LG Business Solutions USA has a new medical-grade diagnostic monitor in the form of the 31-inch, 12-megapixel 31HN713D, used for multiple modes of diagnostic study, including 3D mammography.

Traditionally, mammography has represented a challenge to digital imaging and diagnostics, requiring high brightness and resolution to discern subtle details in the human breast.The monitor’s 31-inch screen size and 12MP resolution allow it to take the place of two 5MP medical monitors commonly used for diagnostic mammography. Its ultrafine 4200×2800 IPS panel is also capable of up to 1080cd/m2 of brightness. LG’s IPS technology supports wide viewing angles, helping to ensure more accurate viewing of multiple images laid out on the same monitor.

The FDA 510(k)-certified and DICOM-compliant LG 31HN713D diagnostic monitor meets parameters set by the American College of Radiology for image quality in digital mammography. It comes with an integrated front sensor for automated self-calibration to ensure accurate, consistent imagery without requiring additional calibration equipment. It also has a built-in presence sensor that turns off the display when not being used, as well as an auto-luminance sensor to optimize screen brightness for ambient lighting conditions.

The new monitor also features a pair of special diagnostic modes. The “Focus View” mode allows radiologists to review sections of a medical image by adjusting brightness and grayscale tones in the area of focus while darkening the rest of the screen. The Pathology mode emulates the level of detail and color viewable under a microscope for diagnoses.

The LG 31HN713D also includes built-in down and wall lighting to help improve contrast and better illuminate radiologists’ work surfaces when viewing images in dark spaces.