LG Launches White Paper on Video Wall Design

videowall-lg-0116LG just launched a new white paper that’s designed to help you design better video walls. The video wall market is back and now with near bezel-less monitors, you can do a lot more with a lot less in resolution. Some of the more recent innovations are things like edge-to-edge monitors so you don’t really notice the bezels with the right content design and shallower depth monitors that allow you to place them on walls that couldn’t previously handle the depths — think hallways, small rooms and new technology that makes then automatically calibrate color and brightness over time — making the need to constantly support them with technicians a thing of the past.

Certainly, LG is leading the way with the industry’s smallest bezel monitor shipping on the market (at 2 millimeters). This new white paper will be helpful for both integrators to figure out what’s new and for end users to understand what is now possible — sometimes it’s hard to think of what’s the most creative way to design a video wall to make it stand out. This free LG white paper will help you — it’s free and worth a download.