LG Intros Plethora of New Products at ISE Including 105″ 4K Display

lg-display-0215LG Electronics (LG) is using ISE to launch new commercial digital signage and display lineup- including its 105-inch ULTRA HD Signage display, the webOS display solutions and a commercial transparent display cooler door. In addition, LG will also introduce customers to its latest Smart Platform Signage lineup and hotel TV information solution running webOS. And, with webOS, LG’s Smart Platform Signage can be updated via a smartphone or tablet. Not only does the webOS Hotel TV allow guests to receive information about the hotel’s facilities or nearby attractions, guests can also use it to watch movies and TV programs.

Their new Room Management System (RMS) solutions enables TVs and monitors to not only access useful information but also remotely control lighting, heating, air conditioning and even curtains, among others — all without ever getting out of bed.

LG will also introduce their Transparent Display Cooler Door, which provides enhanced transparent range and brightness, while reducing electricity consumption. Advertising content can be displayed on the exterior of the cooler while customers can view products inside the cooler through the transparent display.

LG is also exhibiting Mirror Display, which incorporates a touch screen in a full-length mirror. Enabling the Virtual Fitting function, users can try on different clothes without ever entering a dressing room. What’s more, the user can even change the color of the outfits by simply touching the display.

LG will be unveiling an ultra-wide, ULTRA HD Digital Signage lineup with 84-, 98- and 105-inch screen sizes. All of them include Interactive White Board (IWB) functionality that allows users to share meeting minutes or lesson plans via an internet-connected laptop or tablet. The IWB can also be controlled remotely by devices on the same network. Notably, the 84-inch model can detect up to ten touch points at the same time, allowing multiple users to interact with the display simultaneously.

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Here are all the details.