LG Healthcare Technologies Improve Staff and Patient Experiences

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ORLANDO, Fla., March 11, 2024 – Demonstrating how advanced display solutions improve staff and patient experiences throughout modern healthcare facilities, LG Business Solutions USA is showcasing its broad range of turnkey technologies at HIMSS 2024.

Healthcare professionals visiting booth #927 in the West Hall of the Orange County Convention & Visitors Center can tour multiple dedicated product demo zones that show how the “One LG” approach provides health professionals with a one-stop technology resource for virtually every area of the hospital, including everything from diagnostics to nurse station thin clients and patient room TVs to backend computing.

“LG has deepened and expanded its focus on delivering innovative displays, computing solutions and diagnostic equipment for the healthcare market after completing an extensive tour of some of the United States’ largest healthcare facilities over the past year to better understand pain points and contemporary hospital needs,” said Nicolas Min, president, LG Business Solutions USA.

A visit to LG’s booth begins with the exterior-facing Reception Area and Nurse Station Zone that demonstrate the unique advantages of deploying LG’s Ultra Stretch and Transparent OLED displays as digital signage for wayfinding, employee and visitor communications, alerts and more.

This zone also showcases the power and multi-user capabilities of the new 24-inch (23.8-inch diagonal) All-in-One Thin Client (model 24CR661). Available in black, it offers hospitals a powerful, secure shared computing solution with a 1920×1080 LG IPS panel, an integrated FHD webcam and instant login enabled through a dual-band RFID reader at the base of the screen. Use cases and simplicity are expanded through the inclusion of integrated speakers and a microphone. The thin client is available in six variants offering either an Intel Pentium or Celeron processor and choice of Windows 10 IoT, IGEL OS Stratodesk NonTouch OS or no OS, each with a unique SKU.

Another 24-inch All-in-One Thin Client (model 24CR671) with a built-in webcam will be shown on an Ergotron mobile cart, demonstrating how nurses, physicians and other staff members can access electronic medical records and enter patient data via a workstation on wheels. This white model also complies with IEC 60601 standards for medical electrical equipment.

Next is the Patient Room Zone, where LG’s 32- and 43-inch Patient Engagement Boards (series ML5K) and 15.6-inch bedside swing arm Personal Healthcare Smart Touch TV (model 15LN766A) show how patient experiences and enjoyment can be improved through simple-to-use technology and real-time information sharing.

The Patient Engagement Boards combine the security enabled through electronic medical records with the familiar experience of a personalized information board. The smart signage display is UL-listed for hospitals, and the 32-inch model can be powered over ethernet to simplify installation in existing patient rooms. Both sizes offer built-in stereo speakers and LG’s webOS 6.0 software.

The 15.6-inch Smart Touch Screen TV provides patients with an easy-to-use FHD 1080p touchscreen display that can offer access to games, apps, control of a separate in-room TV, and direct content playback utilizing integrated stereo speakers or the included headphone jack. The UL certified TV features industrial design that meets ISO 22196 standards for antimicrobial properties, making it the ideal bedside entertainment companion for a hospital stay.

Rounding out the Patient Room Zone is an advanced 55-inch 4K Ultra HD smart TV, one of the most popular healthcare TV models from LG Business Solutions, known as the leading provider of hospital TVs in the United States. Model 55UN672M is UL listed for hospitals and features the Pro:Centric platform with webOS 22, along with Pro:Idiom digital rights management and embedded b-LAN capability. The zone also examines how LG’s various commercial projectors can be deployed in patient rooms.

As booth visitors continue to the Admin/Back Office Zone, they can learn how LG’s solutions address various operational needs including meetings and presentations with LG’s 75-inch CreateBoard, 55-inch One:Quick Works display, 14-inch mobile thin client laptop and multiple thin client arrangements including two-piece solutions combining 28-inch to 49-inch monitors with a cloud-connected thin client box. An adjacent table hosts a wide range of the popular LG gram laptops ranging from 14 inches to 17 inches.

Catering to the needs of many health care professionals who after the pandemic are continuing to work remotely, the Home Office Zone features a range of LG solutions meant to enhance remote healthcare work ranging from mobile thin clients and portable monitors to a One:Quick Flex display and a new curved 34-inch UltraWide QHD All-in-One Thin Client (model 34CR65).

The curved 3440×1440 display provides a 21:9 canvas with the ability to connect two additional 4K displays, enabling a wide range of uses across disciplines. Combining a minimalist design and quiet, fan-less operation with ergonomic height and tilt adjustment, LG offers six variant SKUs to enable a streamlined, productive workspace without clutter.

“In general, technology is most valuable and useful when it either simplifies existing processes or offers new advantages, which is true of every healthcare product we make,” Min said. “Whether it’s streamlining nurse logins with RFID-accessible thin clients or providing real-time updated scheduling and patient information through patient room digital displays, we are committed to enhancing operational security, reliability and functionality to help create tomorrow’s healthcare.”

Showcasing the brand’s breadth, booth visitors will also see LG’s 31-inch 12MP (4,200×2,800) Diagnostic Monitor, which is FDA-approved for mammography, offers special viewing modes, 6 Hot Keys for rapid switching between screen modes, adjustable ergonomic monitor stand for added flexibility, and external lighting that increases readability in darkened environments. With a brightness of 1200 nits and a 1500:1 contrast ratio, the monitor ensures accuracy needed for assessment of medical images.

“LG’s class-leading technologies enable enhanced experiences and improved efficiencies for both providers and patients,” Min concluded, “and we are dedicated to helping healthcare organizations and hospitals optimize operations as they work to deliver the future of healthcare with cutting-edge technologies and capabilities.”

To learn more about LG’s healthcare products, click here.