LG Enters U.S. Home Energy Storage Business, Wants Integrators to Sell It

LG Electronics is entering the U.S. residential (and small business) energy storage system (ESS) business, complementing the company’s solar panel technologies in the United States. The new LG Electronics energy storage systems complement LG’s leading solar solutions to allow American homeowners to take more control of their energy usage.

LG Electronics USA Business Solutions is launching two advanced new energy storage systems and an expandable battery pack for American homeowners: an AC-coupled 5.0 kW system for those who already have solar panels of any type on their homes and a DC-coupled 7.6 kW system as part of a new installation of LG solar panels.

LG Energy Storage Systems work by using a “smart energy management” function to store excess energy produced from residents’ solar panels for use during hours when the solar panels cannot produce energy, such as at night. This allows for less reliance on the energy grid during peak energy consumption hours when time-of-use electricity rates are often highest. In the instance of a power outage, LG ESS solutions can each store up to four hours of energy. The systems can be scaled up for more storage through pairing with an expandable battery pack, and can be easily paired with LG’s panels. LG ESS models are covered by a 10-year warranty.

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