LG Business Solutions USA Introduces Two New 55-Inch LCD Video Walls

Lg 2908LG Business Solutions USA introduced two new 55-inch LCD video wall panels that feature a 0.44-millimeter bezel for virtually seamless video wall installations and a new embedded Smart Calibration tool that drastically reduces both installation and maintenance time.

The 55SVH7F Even Bezel Video Wall combines LG’s IPS technology with the new automated Smart Calibration tool. At the same time, the 55SVH7PF adds an external power box with a 197-foot range and redundant, hot-swappable power supplies for mission-critical environments.

The panel’s razor-thin bezels enable depiction of content without any distortions, and each panel features a 178-degree viewing angle. LG also says the panel also includes an image improvement algorithm that can adjust the appearance of objects on the bezel boundaries to reduce image gaps among tiled displays when playing videos.

LG’s Smart Calibration tool, which uses an embedded light sensor and calibration chipset to measure each panel’s brightness and color reproduction, automatically makes adjustments to ensure uniformity across all panels. The new calibration procedure requires no external tools besides the included remote control and can be completed on a 3×3 video wall in as little as three minutes by any user. This offers time and maintenance cost savings of up to 97% because conventional calibration methods can require up to two hours with a trained specialist. Smart Calibration can be scheduled on a weekly or monthly basis, enabling true consistency throughout a video wall’s operational lifespan.

To ensure 24-hour performance reliability of every panel, the 55SVH7PF additionally features external power boxes with hot-swappable power supplies, with each box containing four power supplies but only requiring three for operation. This allows operators or integrators to replace a failing power supply without any effect on operation. Each power box can provide power for up to nine panels if located 19.7 feet away or up to eight panels when located up to 197 feet away.

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Both panel models offer 700 nits of brightness and can be installed in a horizontal or vertical orientation for a variety of video wall needs. Both feature the webOS 4.0 smart signage platform for simple navigation and content functionality and have the same dimensions as the original 55SVH7E for maximum installation flexibility. Redesigned menus and a new GUI specifically for vertical orientation provide intuitive operation, while a higher haze level of 28 effectively eliminates glare and enhances visibility and legibility under bright conditions.