LG Business Solutions USA Launches ChromeOS Flex Certified Device for LG Createboard

lg business solutions usa chromeos slot in

LG Business Solutions USA launched a new Google-certified ChromeOS slot-in OPS for LG Createboard aimed at classrooms (at ISELive 23 in Philadelphia). The new ChromeOS certified slot-in OPS (model OPS-C001) for LG Createboard upgrades educators’ options by enabling full use of the ChromeOS operating system on new and existing LG Createboards, providing a familiar user experience similar to a Chrome tablet or Chromebook. Adding ChromeOS to an LG Createboard turns the display into a Single Sign-On (SSO) device whereby teachers or students can sign-in to their Google account and automatically be connected to services such as Google Classroom, Google Workplace, Meets or any other learning management services without additional logins. It’s an ideal solution for classrooms or schools standardized on the Google ecosystem or using Chromebooks for students, offering the benefits of the full Chrome PC browser including extensions, Google Assistant, Google Management Console and even access to Google’s new Bard AI tools. The Google-certified device is available immediately.