LG Business Solutions USA Announces Full Lineup of MAGNIT dvLED Displays for Multiple Applications

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LG Business Solutions USA now has a full lineup of MAGNIT DVLED (direct-view light emitting diode) displays for corporate settings, on video production sets, as digital art displays, and even for luxury residential applications.

Unveiled for the first time in the United States is the 272-inch LG MAGNIT 8K Micro LED Display (Model LSAB007), which highlights how the tiny pixel pitch makes it an ideal solution for a variety of commercial use cases including retail, hospitality and corporate environments showing video or digital art content. This new Micro LED display offers a 0.78mm pixel pitch with LG’s Deep Black Technology and an impressive 150,000:1 contrast ratio.

The LSAB007’s Alpha 9 Intelligent Processor, integrated ambient light sensor, support for HDR10 and HDR10 Pro and wide 160° horizontal and vertical viewing angles enhance user experiences in any seating arrangement. Several layers of coated film help protect the LEDs from water drops, dust, and physical impact.

Next is the MAGNIT Studio Series with Megapixel VR’s Helios controller. Model LBAG015 is a tile-based 1.5mm pixel pitch DVLED solution specially designed for on-camera use in professional production studios. The ability to present seamless, convincing video that can be used on camera without distortion already empowers production studios to build extended and virtual reality stages where filming backdrops can be digitally designed and displayed in real time while recording.

The curveable, high-contrast LBAG series displays offer actors and on-screen talent a more immersive experience than post-production or green screen solutions, while also enabling direct on-screen presentation capabilities for information or news programs. Controls including V-Sync, phase shift, color and gamma adjustment, customizable 3D-LUT and manual HDR adjustment ensure optimal operation in any environment.

To ensure every client can find a solution optimized for their needs, LG offers the same display technology and quality in the MAGNIT LBAF model, which also features LG’s powerful webOS controller.

Also featured at InfoComm is a new 163-inch model of the MAGNIT LSAQ009 series designed with a remote, off-board power supply unit (PSU) that greatly simplifies PSU replacement and emergency maintenance for vital 24/7 control room, war room and broadcast environments where display access is limited.

Another MAGNIT MicroLED display (model LSAB007) previews how the technology can be deployed for high-end residential installations, with even greater definition and clarity now possible through the just-released residential LSAL006 series that offers LG’s smallest LED pixel pitch.