LG Business Solutions Creates Pro:Centric Connect for Its Healthcare Smart TVs

proCentricAs patients, healthcare professionals and medical facilities increasingly embrace videoconferencing as part of the care delivery system, LG Business Solutions USA has launched LG Pro:Centric Connect, a new UCC tool for systems integrators to offer simple and secure video calls through LG’s healthcare smart TVs. This expands the power of LG’s Pro:Centric platform by providing back office functionality that enables WebRTC (real-time communication) systems to connect patients’ in-room TVs to remote family and friends.

Working with new and existing Pro:Centric Smart Hospital TVs, this is an encrypted system that protects patient information. The user interface is controlled through patient pillow speakers or connected smart devices, creating a powerful new tool that enhances speed of care and patient comfort.

To use the new platform, system integrators just update their application and add a compatible webcam to a webOS 4.0 LG Pro:Centric Smart Hospital TV. Then patients can do video calling using existing in-room control devices or family members can utilize their own personal mobile devices that run on Android, iOS, MacOS or Windows to reach out to patients.

The secure system does not transmit patients’ personal identifiable information, and it encrypts all calls and communications through the network. The integrator application hosts the data that connects a specific patient with a specific room number, minimizing the possibility of unauthorized users accessing the system.