LG Business Solutions Introduces CreateBoard for Remote, Blended Learning

lg business solutions createboard

LG Business Solutions is launching its new LG CreateBoard (model TR3DK) this week, a purpose-built solution to address a variety of needs for in-person, remote and blended learning. The new LG CreateBoard has up-to 40-point multi-touch interactivity in a display that enables live annotations of digital files and provides tools for content creation, sharing and management. The full LG CreateBoard line includes updated 65-, 75- and 86-inch models, plus the all-new 55-inch model, ensuring students can view what the teacher is presenting regardless of seat location or room size. The new 55-inch model delivers all the CreateBoard’s powerful functions in a compact package for smaller classrooms, meeting rooms and offices.

One interesting add-on to the CreateBoard is something called the LG CreateBoard Studio software package for educators and students. The first, called LG CreateBoard Lab, enables school districts and educators to streamline workflows including content creation, document importing, lesson building and more, all with pre-designed, subject-based templates available.

To maximize in-class capabilities and flexibility to design interactive lessons, LG also provides a wireless casting solution, LG CreateBoard Share, pre-installed that allows any student device to connect to the CreateBoard natively without requiring software updates or installations. Multiple LG CreateBoard can also be wirelessly connected to provide a multi-display classroom, which allows multiple students to stream to different boards and expands options for in-class instruction. Educators can add document cameras, microphones, conferencing cameras and other peripherals to expand the capabilities of each LG CreateBoard solution.

Additionally, schools that sign up for the complimentary LG ConnectedCare DMS (device management service) can centralize control of an entire school’s or district’s CreateBoard ecosystem to make important announcements, share reminders for fire/lockdown drills, shut down specific boards when necessary, and initiate firmware updates across the entire network.

Here are more details: