LG Amazes the TV Industry with New Rollable Display Out of CES

The applications are truly endless for what you’re about to read about — and see. At CES last week, LG launched a “rollable” TV technology — yes, using OLED — that allows displays to be placed nearly anywhere. Sure, it’s aimed at homeowners that want their TVs completely hidden but don’t want to use projection technology but, as you watch this video, think of how your local church could use this to hide displays inside those beautiful columns that flank the pulpit. And, think about how this could allow for on-demand digital signage without the need for custom-built kiosks.

Oh, and this starts shipping this summer! Here are all the sizes and specs.

The 4K native (3840×2160) OLED-based TVs roll out of an approximately 7” x 10″ x 65” enclosure that also houses all the electronics, switching and a sound-bar for the TV. That sounder/box/enclosure is meant to sit on top of a living room bookshelf or at the foot of your bed in home applications. But, in a business’ boardroom or meeting rooms, it could sit on a credenza and allow the TV to rise out of nowhere and tuck-away, out-of-site when not being used. The TV that rises from it at this point is 65” diagonally.

LG just one-upped every other single TV manufacturer in the world. Mind. Blown.