Leyard CarbonLight Was Genius Move for Leyard


I’ve been telling mount manufacturers for years that they needed to make monitor and projector mounts out of carbon fiber. I’ve talked to either the president or VP of marketing for Premier, Peerless-AV and Chief Manufacturing about the advantage of carbon fiber and how, one day, a tiny company’s going to do it and change mounting forever. It hasn’t happened, yet, but it will. It is RIDICULOUS that MOST mounts nowadays weigh more than the device they are holding.

And, now, with some of the new “simple-access features” that mount companies have added for easier servicing of video walls, those mounts can weigh two or three times what the display weighs. It’s crazy.

But Leyard listened. Back in 2016, it launched an LED line aimed at the time at the rental and staging markets — it was called Leyard CarbonLight. Using a patented carbon fiber construction that makes them uniquely lightweight, thin and strong, Leyard CarbonLight is the favored display for everyone who has to regularly build and dismantle LED video walls.

Available in pixel pitches from 1.9 millimeters to 5.2mm in the Leyard CarbonLight CLI Series, 1.5mm and 1.9mm in the in the CLA Series, 3.9mm, 5.2mm and 7.8mm in the CLO Series, 5.2mm, 6.2mm and 10.4mm in the CLF Series and 10.4mm and 15.6mm in the CLM Series, it’s not surprising that Leyard CarbonLight won our 2018 Readers’ Choice Award for Favorite Rental or Staging Product — and this included everything from nearly every other LED company’s products to AV favorites lien video wall processors, truss adapters, screens and a host of projectors out there.

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Leyard CarbonLight, thanks to its carbon fiber based, has set a new standard for light-weight performance that rental and staging companies love. Less weight means less labor, lighter trucks, less potential for injury and are even easily adaptable to indoor, outdoor, hanging, floor-mounted, corner-beveled and even smoothly curved video walls.

Congrats to them and thanks to those that helped us pick our 2018 winner!