Leon Speakers on Display at Integrated Systems Europe 2014 Stand 1-N53

php3Br1w9PMAnn Arbor, MI ─ February 3, 2014 ─ Leon Speakers, leaders in the custom high-fidelity audio industry, is proud to partner with the some of the premier manufacturers of custom installed, theater-grade products at ISE 2014. ADA, Tributaries, D-Tools, Fortress Seating, Screen Innovations, D-BOX Technologies, Bitwise Control Systems, DVDO, Display Development and Leon Speakers, each a reputable leader in the custom electronics industry, will exhibit together under the banner “Home Cinema Europe” and give attendees a chance to experience the ultimate home theater, February 4-6, 2014 at the Amsterdam RAI – Stand #1-N53.

In a quest to create an immersive, modern cinema experience, the Home Cinema Europe demo room will feature a Leon 7.4 Dedicated Theater System. The front 3 channels of the system feature Leon’s Horizon SEVEN Series, custom crafted to match the exact width of the big screen. Each speaker is engineered with extreme precision and outfitted with state-of-the-art SEAS components to deliver world-class sound. For the mid and rear channels, the system will feature Leon’s reference-grade Ultima platform, including Profile Ultima (PrUltima) speakers and Detail Ultima (DsUltima) surrounds. Leon’s Aaros A12 theater subwoofer will gracefully fill out the bottom end, delivering deep, controlled, and distortion-free bass for an exhilarating theater experience.

Outside the theater, Leon will be presenting their concept for bespoke Living Space Theater™. As the modern home plays host to modern technology, Leon offers custom sound solutions that can be tailored to match any environment. The new EDGE Media Frame seamlessly integrates any display and soundbar, and perfectly conceals the top, bottom and sides of the TV. It can be finished in any paint color or hardwood to fit elegantly into any design. Complete with Leon’s new Horizon OTO powered soundbar that is custom-crafted to match any width, this system stands out by perfectly fitting in. Other Leon products on display outside the theater include: the Aaros A8-400 powered cube subwoofer, the Aaros A10-UT ultra-thin 10” subwoofer, Timbre Ultima bookshelf loudspeakers and an Allure Moving Art screen from Leon’s new Media Décor solution.

Products on Display at ISE 2014

HORIZON OTO: A Powered, Ultra-Thin, Custom Soundbar

Over 10 years ago, Leon’s Horizon Series soundbar revolutionized the audiovisual experience by offering an elegant, dynamic speaker solution, handcrafted to match any TV. On display at ISE is the recently announced Horizon OTO soundbar: powered, thin, digital and custom-crafted to perfectly match any display. At the heart of the soundbar is a high-fidelity 2x50W onboard amplifier. The OTO Amp provides clean, distortion-free power and has both optical inputs (for Dolby Digital or PCM) and analog inputs to easily integrate with other components. Its rear IR jack and front panel IR receiver can tie into any control system, while the front touch panel and remote provide auxiliary control.

At less than 2-inches deep, the HzOTO is purposefully designed for slim TVs. The sleek soundbar pairs 3” aluminum cone woofers with cloth-dome tweeters to offer uncompromising, focused sound reproduction. The rear-ported design allows the speaker to develop impressive bass down to 70Hz, while an internal wireless transmitter will pair with Leon’s new wireless subwoofer receiver to easily add any Leon sub to the system.

The Horizon OTO bolsters Leon’s vision of blending art with audio by pushing the boundaries of performance and style. The cabinet is built-to-order, meticulously handcrafted from solid MDF and custom-tailored to match the exact width and finish of any display. It can be perfectly mounted on the wall or to any TV with Leon’s proprietary mounting brackets.

ULTIMA & SEVEN SERIES: The Ultimate Reference-Grade Speakers

Horizon SEVEN: The flagship of Leon’s dedicated home theater offering, Leon’s legendary Seven Series speakers exude the sleek elements of modern audio design. These acoustic works of art can be built up to a staggering width of 120” and can be custom tailored to meet virtually any specification. Each speaker is carefully designed, engineered, tested and built with extreme precision by Leon’s most experienced craftsmen. Handmade SEAS 7” woofers pair flawlessly with 1” tweeters in an impeccably tuned cabinet delivering an outstanding listening experience.

Profile Ultima: The Profile Ultima Series offer a reference-quality listening experience as suitable for a professional studio as an audiophile’s home theater. The components are the absolute best in the world featuring handmade SEAS Excel 5” woofers and SEAS Prestige 1” cloth-dome tweeters. Producing utterly transparent and brilliant sound with an incredibly flat frequency response across the entire range of the speaker, the Ultima series is perfect for the most discriminating audiophile and music enthusiast.

Detail Ultima: Leon’s Detail Ultima surround/bookshelf speakers are crafted from solid MDF and meticulously finished by hand. Designed to perfectly match all Horizon Ultima speakers and Profile Ultima speakers, the Ultima surrounds utilize the same world-class drivers housed in a smaller cabinet. Only four inches deep, they allow for easy on-wall installation and superb stereo imaging. The cabinets can be custom painted to match any wall color to blend seamlessly into any environment.

Timbre Ultima: Leon’s Timbre Ultima bookshelf loudspeakers blend simple elegance with pure quality using the finest bench made components, select domestic hardwoods and handcrafted cabinet construction resulting in a breathtaking, high-fidelity speaker with remarkable depth, punch, and musicality. Available in Matte Black, Pearl White, custom colors, and solid hardwoods including: Tiger Maple, Cherry, and Black Walnut, they are perfect for use as front speakers in a small home theater, standalones for music, or as surround speakers in a larger home entertainment center.


A12-1K: Leon’s Aaros A12-1K features a 12” woofer in a fully sealed, solid 1” MDF cabinet. It delivers deep, controlled, and distortion-free bass for an exhilarating theater experience. Paired with Leon’s L3-1K amplifier, the A12-1K is capable of low frequency extension to 18Hz – pressurizing the entire room so you’ll feel every bullet, every impact, and every sinister footfall. The A12-1K is ideally suited to both in-room and in-cabinet theater subwoofer applications.

A10-UT: Leon’s Aaros 10” ultra-thin subwoofer packs theater-grade performance along with musical finesse in an enclosure that measures only 4.5” deep. Featuring a 10” aluminum cone driver, a solid aluminum baffle and back, and powered by our 1,000 watt Class A/B rack-mounted amplifier, this sub naturally reproduces tight musical tones necessary for critical two-channel listening, and effortlessly controls the impact of the most demanding movie tracks.

A8-400: Incredibly compact and offering more tonal balance than traditional large subs, the A8-400 powered cube subwoofer features an 8” rigid, long throw driver powered by an ultra-efficient 400W on-board amplifier to produce fast, tight and musical bass. Available in satin black or pearl white, and complete with fully adjustable crossover and phase controls, Leon’s A8-400 offers extreme performance and versatility in any space.

Media Décor Solutions

EDGE Media Frame: Leon’s EDGE Media Frame houses both the audio and video platforms, while offering the sleek look of a completely built-in, recessed unit. Custom-crafted based on the exact TV dimensions, the EDGE encasement mounts any display and integrates a Leon Horizon soundbar. With a total depth of just three inches from the wall to the front of its frame, the EDGE seamlessly hides all cables and conceals the TV sides, top and bottom.

Allure Moving Art: The Allure Moving Art is a contemporary solution for concealing flat panel displays, soundbars and other associated hardware with fine art. When the TV is off, all that is visible in the room is an elegant, custom framed piece of art and as soon as the TV is turned on, the art print retracts into the frame to reveal the TV (and speaker). With a 3” width frame available in any color and a gallery of beautiful art to choose from (including an option for customer-supplied art), this custom solution fits perfectly within the decor of any space.

About Leon Speakers

Leon Speakers, established in 1995 in Ann Arbor, Michigan, is a worldwide leader and pioneer in the design, research and refinement of high-performance, audiophile-grade on-wall loudspeakers. Today, this innovative company meticulously handcrafts a full range of elegant loudspeaker solutions, seeking to bring immersive home theater experiences into luxury living spaces. Leon Speakers solutions are available exclusively at high-end audio/video retailers nationwide. For more information, please call 1(888) 213-5015 or visit http://www.leonspeakers.com.