Leon Speakers Debuts New Products at InfoComm 2013

55At InfoComm 2013, Leon Speakers will showcase their custom tailored audio solutions for luxury hospitality, telepresence and boardroom applications. The Leon booth will feature a comprehensive product line-up including the Horizon Interactive Series of high-performance audio solutions for telepresence and video conferencing systems, the Vault v600 3-way speaker for video walls and presentation rooms, the Horizon and Profile Commercial Series of ultra-thin speakers, the Aaros Commercial Series Subwoofers, and the Edge, a custom-made, flat-panel display mount designed jointly with Media Décor that features an integrated Leon Horizon Ultra-Thin (Hz250-UT) soundbar. Leon speakers will also debut an impressive interactive large format display, manufactured in partnership with Dynics. Visit the Leon crew in Booth #1787 to see the company’s extraordinary Commercial line-up for yourself.

HorizonTM Interactive Series

Leon’s HorizonTM Interactive Series of high-performance, vocally optimized audio solutions for telepresence and video conferencing systems redefines audio integration in corporate settings. The HorizonTM Interactive Personal Unit speakers (for single displays) and Multi-Display speakers (for any number of panels) combine high fidelity sound and high definition video all in one sleek cabinet with custom-sized housings for video conferencing hardware.

Focused on the corporate video conferencing and telepresence market, the HorizonTM Interactive speakers are optimized for vocal clarity and a wide sound stage, giving the sense of different people in different places. A camera cabinet is custom crafted into the speaker to accommodate the full range of motion of the specified camera(s), including: Tandberg 1080, Polycomm HDX and Sony EV cameras, among others. Each project also includes engineering time, 2D CAD and 3D visualizations of each system and custom brackets suitable for any installation.

The Personal Units and Multi-Display speakers deliver powerful and versatile solutions for a variety of corporate and commercial needs – from traditional video conferencing to more demanding HD presentations. The speakers are offered in a number of different configurations that include 4″, 5″ and 6″ drivers, angled baffles to support above or below screen mounting and custom finishes to complement the design of any installation.

Leon’s HorizonTM Commercial Series is available now at a starting MSRP of $2,995/each for the Personal Units and $6,995/each for the Multi-Displays.

HorizonTM Commercial Series

Leon’s HorizonTM Commercial Series speakers are hand-crafted and built-to-order to match the exact width and finish of any flat-panel display. Combining left, center and right channels all in one sleek cabinet, the HorizonTM Commercial Series revolutionizes the audio experience for video applications. From the 1.5″ deep Horizon 250-UT to the 120″ wide Horizon OS, the HorizonTM Commercial Series is the most dynamic audio solution for residential and commercial environments. Leon will demonstrate both the Hz250-UT and Horizon OS speakers.

When space is at a premium, the Horizon 250-UT truly makes its mark.  At just 1.5″ deep, the Hz250-UT delivers excellent performance and pin-point clarity by utilizing Leon’s exclusive 2.5″ aluminum cone woofers and cloth dome tweeters.  This compact speaker produces a wide sound stage with extension and accuracy below 120Hz to pair seamlessly with any Leon subwoofer.

Leon’s reference-grade Horizon OS speakers offer a true window into the finest production studios in the world.  Whether used for vocals, soundtracks, or to get lost in your favorite audiophile recording, these speakers recreate any soundscape with stunning authenticity and ease.  Measuring just 4″ deep, the Horizon OS sets a new standard for detail and spatial imaging for all speakers, while remaining seamless to any installation.  Its 5″ woven poly cone woofers and 1″ soft dome tweeters allow it to produce utterly transparent and brilliant sound with extreme output for any size room.

Other models in the HorizonTM Commercial Series include the Hz300, Hz400 and Hz500. Leon’s HorizonTM Commercial Series is available now at a starting MSRP of $1,195/each for the Hz300-LCR up to $8,495/each for the HzOS-LCR.

Aaros Commercial Subwoofers

As theater-quality sound makes its way into multipurpose commercial spaces, the need for refined, clean reproduction of low frequencies becomes extremely important. With solid billet aluminum baffles and highly specialized drivers, Leon’s Aaros Commercial Series subwoofers are incredibly compact and offer more tonal balance than traditional large subs. Available in custom colors, and designed for in-room and in-wall applications, Leon’s unique line of subwoofers can be easily placed or hidden away completely.

Measuring only 12.5″ tall x 14.5″ wide x 4.5″ deep, Leon’s revolutionary ACS10-UT, Aaros 10″ ultra-thin subwoofer, delivers extreme versatility and impactful low end to any space.  Its slim profile allows it to “stow or show” and be used with a down-firing conversion kit for flexible placement. Featuring a solid billet aluminum baffle and back, with powerful output and multiple custom options, this highly refined sub integrates seamlessly into any room while controlling the impact of the most demanding presentations. The ACS10-UT is easily convertible to a down-firing position to fit under a couch or hide away in any cabinet. To perfectly complement any commercial space, the sub can also be custom finished to match any paint color or hardwood.

At less than 4″ deep, the ACS8-IW, Aaros 8″ in wall sub, redefines the possibility of large bass from a small enclosure. Soundly constructed to prevent unwanted resonance, this in-wall subwoofer is ideal for commercial office and hospitality applications where no floor space is available for a traditional sub. Its polished low frequencies will complement any sound bar without distracting the neighbors. With color-matched perforated metal or fabric grills, the ACS8-IW stands out by blending in.

Incredibly compact and offering more tonal balance than traditional large subs, the ACS8-400 powered cube subwoofer features an 8″ rigid, long throw driver powered by an ultra-efficient 400W on-board amplifier to produce fast, tight and musical bass. Available in satin black or pearl white, and complete with fully adjustable crossover and phase controls, Leon’s A8-400 offers extreme performance and versatility in any space.

To complement the ACS10-UT and ACS8-IW, Leon’s L3-1K, 1,000 watt Class A/B subwoofer amplifier, delivers the power, finesse and flexibility that the subwoofers deserve. The amplifier naturally reproduces tight musical tones necessary for critical two-channel listening, and effortlessly controls the impact of the most demanding movie tracks. It features shelf pads or rack mount ears for placement in any scenario.  For a truly flexible solution, the L3-1K subwoofer amplifier offers adjustable crossover, variable phase, and tunable EQ, allowing installers to tailor the sound of the sub to match any room.

The Aaros Commercial Subwoofers are now available for an MSRP of $2,295 for one ACS10-UT or $3,495 for two and $1,895 for one ACS8-IW or $2,895 for two. Both subs are sold with Leon’s L3-1K Class A/B subwoofer amplifiers.


Leon’s EDGE has been developed with partner, Media Decor, to offer extreme functionality, true simplicity and high design to a multitude of commercial environments. It houses both the audio and video platforms, while offering the sleek look of a completely built-in, recessed unit. Custom-crafted based on the exact TV dimensions, the EDGE encasement mounts any display and integrates Leon’s ultra-thin Horizon Hz250UT-LCR soundbar. With a total depth of just three inches from the wall to the front of its frame, the EDGE seamlessly hides all cables and conceals the TV sides, top and bottom. With multiple points of adjustment and self-leveling capabilities, the EDGE guarantees an elegant audiovisual solution for any boardroom, hospitality suite or executive office.

The EDGE is available in a choice of hardwood (maple, cherry, espresso, walnut) or optional glossy black and white finishes at a starting MSRP of $4,600.

Interactive Large Format Display

Leon will be debuting a brand new concept in custom integration – their newest product, an interactive large format display manufactured in partnership with Dynics, is an all-in-one mobile solution. Each display includes the standard 4 points of touch infrared sensor technology for unparalleled performance and superior touch response, ModPak modular computer for easy access, service and management, plus many service ports including DVI, HDMI, VGA, USB and Ethernet. The display features an integrated Horizon Hz400 soundbar, Profile Pr400 stereo speakers, or Horizon Interactive Hi500 telepresence speakers for those looking for telepresence capabilities. The displays are available in a 55″, 70″ or 80″ and are offered in a wide range of colors and/or finishes.

For more information about Leon Speakers visit  www.leoncommercialsound.com.