Leon Speakers Buys Outdoor Speaker Specialist Terra Speakers

Today Leon Speakers announced that it has acquired Terra Speakers, Maine-based manufacturer of rugged, all-weather speakers.

Leon and Terra have a long history of working together. Terra’s All Climate FIVE line of all-weather loudspeakers was designed in partnership with Kaplan, and Leon’s Boundary Series outdoor speakers are made with drivers manufactured by Terra at its Maine plant.

The acquisition will bring a whole host of new products to Leon’s current residential and commercial product lines, especially bolstering their outdoor audio offerings. Terra is known in the industry for creating durable speakers that are built to thrive in rugged weather conditions, and their current product line will help to build out Leon’s Boundary Series of outdoor speakers. The merger also opens up new opportunities in the professional and house of worship market on the commercial side of their business, as Terra has been a player in this area for many years.

So far there’s no information on how this will affect dealers or employees of Terra Speakers, but in an email to partners, Leon Speakers founder Noah Kaplan said more information on how the two companies would be working together is forthcoming.

Leon Speakers is here. Terra Speakers is here.