Leon Speakers Announces FrameBar to Accompany Samsung’s The Frame TV

leon speakers framebar

Samsung’s “The Frame TV” looks more like an art piece than a TV and many CIs have been wanting to add high-end audio to the installation. Well, Leon Speakers just announced the launch of FrameBar, a discreet, ultra-thin sound bar that was designed to match the width and finish of The Frame TV.

FrameBar is available in two models and is built-to-order to match the exact width of any model of The Frame TV 43” and above. A variation of Leon’s HzUT sound bar, it features 2.5” audiophile-grade woofers and 22mm cloth-dome tweeters in an ultra-thin cabinet only 2.375” deep that mounts flush to the wall. FrameBar comes in four finishes: white, black, brown and beige — to match The Frame finishes offered by Samsung, and it features flat molding with an exposed cabinet edge on the front of the soundbar. While FrameBar ships standard with a black fabric grille cloth, there is the option to upgrade to a collection of designer grille fabrics to give the installation an even more customized look.

FrameBar is here: