Leon Releases Ente SoundTile Reference-Grade Speakers

leon speakers

Leon’s new Ente SoundTile is spec’d as reference-grade speakers powered by a Sonos Amp. First introduced at CEDIA Expo in 2019, the Ente SoundTile was originally only offered in a two-channel audio configuration. Now Leon has expanded the line to include one-channel and zero-channel options so that integrators can mix and match models to create diptychs, triptychs, and more with the artwork while keeping the sound and style consistent.

Available Models:

  • Ente SoundTile: (1) Ente SoundTile with (2) channels of audio and (1) Sonos Amp designed for single SoundTile installation.
  • Ente SoundTile-1×2: (2) Ente SoundTiles with (1) channel of audio each and (1) Sonos Amp designed for installation of 2 or more SoundTiles.
  • Ente SoundTile-Zero: (1) Acoustic ArtTile without speakers or amplifier designed for installation of 3 or more SoundTiles.

The Ente SoundTile is handcrafted out of baltic birch and available in matte black or matte white. It features reference-grade Leon ULTIMA speakers and a Sonos Amp (unless specifying Ente-SoundTile-Zero) and is covered with a perforated metal grille with screen printed artwork selected from either Rosentiel’s extensive gallery or Leon’s Artist Edition Collection that currently features fine art photography from music photographer Roberto Rabanne.