Legrand Brand Vantage Adds Specialty Lighting to Lighting Fixture Alliance

legrand vantage specialty lighting

Legrand‘s lighting control brand Vantage has strengthened its lighting fixture alliance with new member Specialty Lighting. The strategic partnership pairs Vantage’s customizable lighting controls with Specialty Lighting’s high-end architectural lighting solutions, including standard and custom downlights, accent lights, linear lights and picture lighting. Together, they provide a complete and aesthetically pleasing lighting design and user experience for new residential and commercial construction, remodeling or redecorating projects.

Graffiti is Specialty Lighting’s most popular family of LED lighting solutions. Highly adjustable and known for its superior light quality, Graffiti provides cost-effective LED lighting options thanks to the company’s reduced lead times, affordable pricing and innovative technologies. When paired with the Vantage LHUMAN human-centric lighting system, designers get complete and intuitive control over Graffiti’s 98 Color Rendering Index (CRI) for color consistency and Ambient Dim, a feature that matches the color and warmth of incandescent sources throughout the entire dimming range while maintaining LED efficacy.