Legrand AV Announces New Partners for Vantage Fixture Alliance Program

legrand vantage alliance

Legrand’s Vantage announced that it is working with the a bunch of manufacturers to join Vantage’s lighting fixture and keypad alliances: Aculux, Q-Tran, and Black Nova. Vantage’s Lighting Fixture and Keypad alliances serve to partner with leading light fixture and keypad manufacturers to provide AV installers, interior designers, architects, and other home design professionals with greater freedom of design and more seamless integration with Vantage lighting control.

Legrand says Vantage’s Light Fixture Alliance was developed to provide numerous benefits: freedom of design, fixture testing, and calibrated CCT alignment. The company says installers or designers can choose the fixtures they want while knowing that the lighting design will “come to life as planned and that every fixture being supported by Vantage will have full functionality.” Vantage says it tests every fixture and creates tunable profiles to take the guesswork out of control as part of its LHUMAN KolorTune profile library. The alliance includes AiSPiRE by WAC Lighting, Circa Lighting, Colorbeam, DMF Lighting, Environmental Lights, LF Illumination, Lucetta by Elemental LED, Lucifer Lighting Company, Noº 8 Lighting, Proluxe by American Lighting, PureEdge Lighting, Soraa Lighting, Specialty Lighting Industries, Tech Lighting by Visual Comfort Co. and WAC Lighting.

Programming the keypads is simple using the latest version of Vantage’s Design Center software. The intuitive nature of Design Center allows Vantage dealers to provide a complete solution for any home’s needs. With Design Center, partner keypads can utilize the same lighting control programming as Vantage keypads to meet the needs of any project. The Keypad Alliance members include Basalte, Forbes & Lomax and Meljac.