Legrand Adds Vantage Voice to Lighting Control

legrand vantage voice

Legrand’s Vantage Lighting Controls announced Vantage Voice. Vantage Voice adds voice control capability to the Vantage InFusion System controller through Amazon Alexa and is now available in the Design Center 4.8 software update.

With Vantage Voice, Legrand says customers can enjoy the convenience of using just their voice to control the Vantage InFusion system — a home automation controller and the “main brain” of a Vantage system — through Amazon Alexa. Vantage Voice can control up to 60 Vantage tasks, and features widespread compatibility, working with IC-II, IC-DIN-II or IC-DIN-II-LITE InFusion Controllers, and with Amazon Echo devices and Alexa iOS or Android apps.

Available in Design Center 4.8 and up, Vantage Voice provides voice execution of a scene. It simulates a button press to trigger and execute a task. Within the Alexa app, integrators can simplify Alexa scene commands by creating a Routine and group together multiple actions, ensuring that each one doesn’t need to be requested individually. Other features include the ability to add/remove scenes to a room or device group and customize command prompts.