LED Progress Update


My program of switching over all the lighting in my house to LED continues unabated.

This past July was the last time I had taken stock of the percentage of bulbs in my house that were LED rather than incandescent, CFL or halogen.

The score then was 41%.

Since the year is just about over it seemed timely to conduct another inventory of my home’s lighting and check the progress of my plan.

The score now: 58%

Great progress, if I do say so myself.

The only incandescent or CFL bulbs remaining are mostly in low occupancy areas of the house. I replace them with LEDs as they croak.

There’s really only one thing that’s slowed me down from getting closer to 100% coverage:


I only stock up on standard LED bulbs when there’s a really good sale on. And the standard socket installations are straightforward when it comes to replacing old bulb technology with new.

However, LED bulbs in specialty sizes remain costly. If you’re looking at the LED replacements for incandescent soft-white globe-style bulbs for bathroom vanities they’re still twenty bucks a bulb rather than five dollars or less.

Right now I’m playing a waiting game, hoping that my remaining stockpile of incandescent globes holds out while I wait for the price of their replacements to drop.

I did manage to find economical LED replacements for G9 halogen bulbs on Amazon.

5w G9 replacement

$5.19 a piece on Amazon!

However I have yet to find economical dimmable LED replacements for the halogen bulbs in my floor-standing torchières.

Now it’s a waiting game.