The LED Will Bring You Opportunities You Never Knew Existed

LED Opportunities Gary KayyeMost houses of worship are only used a few hours a week. The rest of the time, the worship halls are either empty or barely visited. And, even with the accelerated concerns about COVID-19 or future viruses, the openness of the typical worship hall offers an amazing opportunity for uses that will help both future funding opportunities for houses of worship as well as creative opportunities for immersive entertainment.

And, the LED is the driver for this.

LED technology has moved from being an emerging display technology to THE up-and-coming imaging technology of the future. Thanks to Broadway backdrop applications of LED-based staging shows like King Kong, as well as what we’ve seen with Disney’s own Star Wars-based Mandalorian TV show, we see the advantages of LED in both immersive applications as well as set-design. Absolutely, the upfront investment is high — but the back-end and return, over time, is incredible.

Are you considering buying or specifying LED for future worship halls and how it can help transform static spaces into immersive spaces? We’ll explore this as the technology both improves and plummets in pricing over 2022. But, in the meantime, how are you using LED? Tell us and show us below via the comments section. Feel free to post pictures and even applications — and we will FEATURE you in a future edition of rAVe’s publications. So, share!