LED-lit LCD Is The Technology Of Choice For Future Flat Panel Purchases Shows New TFCinfo Study

Vizio-M801D-80-inch-LED-TV2-0713TFCinfo recently announced the release of its yearly benchmark study on the strength of flat panel brands (32+”) and flat panel purchasing preferences. This research reveals that although end users are clear on their desired technology of choice, the major motivators behind each technology (LED LCD, LCD and plasma), and the way end users weigh their most important desired characteristics with these motivators, the final purchase decision may likely be affected.

Overall, LED LCD is the technology of choice for future flat panel purchases. Well more than half of the business users and entertainment users surveyed state that if they were in the market for a flat panel display today they would want to purchase an LED LCD.  But will they actually end up purchasing the LED technology when it comes down to weighing all of their options in their final purchase decision in the future?

Besides overall picture quality, technical aspects are driving end users to LED LCDs. Two of the top reasons respondents’ state that they would most desire an LED LCD is because of the lower power consumption and the thinness of panels. These findings are very interesting because this research reveals that lower power consumption and thinness of panel are two of the least important purchasing factors considered by end users when shopping for a flat panel display today. The price premium analysis in this research also reveals that lower power consumption is the upgrade feature that comes in with the least amount willing to pay a premium for it.

On the other hand, while LCD is not the technology winner for future purchases of either group, the top motivators for LCD are some of the most important factors considered by end users. Both business and entertainment users state the top reasons they would choose an LCD is primarily because of price, reliability, picture quality, resolution and no burn in issues.

While a high percentage of end users would prefer purchasing an LED LCD, it may be some time before this shift would eventually be able to take place, especially with price and size considerations being so important to consumers.

TFCinfo can be found here.