Lectrosonics Intros 8×8 Audio Interface for Dante Products

Lectrosonics_DNTBOB88-0213Lectrosonics’ new DNT BOB 88 Dante Breakout Box is an accessory for its ASPEN Dante network processor (or other Dante hardware), which is basically an interface designed to transmit and receive line level analog audio signals via a Dante network. What it’s designed for is creating a bi-directional digital “snake” for stage productions, sending audio to a remote recording location in a courtroom complex or delivering audio to remote amplifiers and loudspeakers in a stadium.

With the DNT BOB 88, analog inputs are converted to digital and appear on the network as transmit channels. Audio for the analog outputs is taken from subscriptions to transmit channels on the network from other sources. When connected to a network, each DNT BOB 88 break out box will appear as a separate device in the Dante Controller software interface. The unit operates as a native Dante device with automatic device discovery and clock configuration using standard Ethernet hardware. High quality A/D and D/A converters ensure excellent audio quality.

The new DNT BOB 88 Dante Breakout Box features eight balanced line level analog inputs, eight balanced line level analog outputs, Dante primary and secondary ports, eight Dante network outputs, and eight Dante network inputs. The DNT BOB 88 is Gigabit compatible and AVB (Audio Video Bridging) ready.

The DNT BOB 88 Dante Breakout Box lists for $1,905 and you can see all the specs here:http://www.lectrosonics.com