Lectrosonics Guarantees Wireless Mic Muting – Pop Free

Lectrosonics 1110

Lectrosonics-1110Called the Mute switch and designed for use with the company’s belt-pack transmitters (although, we have an inside source that tells us it can be modified to work with any manufacturer’s wireless mic), this product is a belt-mount unit that provides instant, pop-free audio muting in a tiny package. The Mute switch is an active device that is powered by any five-pin Lectrosonics transmitter, including the new Servo Input transmitters such as the SM Series, LMa, and UM400a. It works with most two- and three-wire lavalier microphones wired according to Lectrosonics guidelines.

The new Lectrosonics Mute uses an optically coupled switch to silence the audio signal without any clicks and pops, even when located in a strong RF field. The unit’s toggle switch is weather resistant and the included cable has weather resistant vinyl boots at each end. A wiring kit is included that provides a five-pin connector, strain relief parts, and an additional water resistant vinyl boot to protect the lavalier microphone connector from moisture.