LEA Professional Amps Up LEA Cloud Platform

lea professional cloud platform

LEA Professional announced multiple updates to its LEA Cloud platform, a part of LEA Professionals’ technology catalog, featuring IT solutions, DSPs and smart power management. The new cloud-specific features will expand capabilities for all LEA Cloud users.

Here’s a video we shot of it at ISE 2024:

LEA Cloud provides remote monitoring and control for LEA amplifiers and gives system integrators “robust, reliable and secure monitoring and control capabilities.” Now, LEA Cloud users will be able to perform over-the-air (OTA) firmware updates, ensuring all installations are kept up to date with the latest firmware. Status information will be even easier to monitor through the new dashboard view, which allows users to see the health of all their LEA installations on a single screen.

Additionally, LEA Cloud now supports event and fault notifications via text or email alerts, allowing integrators to be notified of system alerts immediately. These notifications allow for proactive communication and system maintenance so that issues can be addressed promptly, often before end users are even aware a problem occurred — and it provides an additional service that integrators can add to their recurring revenue models.