LEA Pro Connect Series Audio Amplifiers Will Focus on Cloud and IoT at InfoComm

The new LEA Professional Connect Series amplifier family will offer IoT capabilities as a standard feature by providing remote control and monitoring of installed systems without having to VPN into the Local Area Network. This provides the ability to access the system anywhere from any device, delivering the integrator an easy way to communicate with the installed system. Preventative maintenance and other system health data is gathered from sensors and circuitry within the amplifier. If the customer wishes to disable the IoT feature, they can do so and still have a secure connection on their local area network.

LEA Professional chose AWS IoT Core as the infrastructure that will safely and securely transmit data to and from the amplifier.

The AWS IoT Core means that no information will be exchanged without a confirmation of the devices identity via the AWS generated security certificates.

The LEA Connect Series amplifiers, shipping in July 2019, come IoT-enabled out of the box. Once LEA’s cloud services come online in the Fall of 2019, any Connect Series amplifier in the field will be able to connect and begin communicating with the cloud via the LEA Connect Series Apps which will also include data analytics capabilities and push notifications.

The LEA Connect Family is designed for small to medium scale installations. These two and four channel amps feature direct HiZ (70V or 100V) or LoZ selectable by channel with ways to connect; you can engage the built in WiFi access point, connect to the venue’s WiFi, or use the FAST Ethernet to connect to any local area network via Cat5 or Cat6 cable.

The Network Connect Series is the first amplifier family to feature Cloud connectivity (coming at the end of 2019) for remote control, monitoring, notifications and more from any of your personal devices.

The Network Connect Series also features analog inputs and external I/O control for remote on/off and fault monitoring.

Here are all the specs.